Tech Valley focuses on the big data technology and application service. We Integrate the reliable data of airlines, airports, as well as operators, and provide data integration service model, which based on the hybrid cloud. We also create a data analysis system based on large scale graph mining , and provide the passengers’ portraits and precise marketing scene design for airlines and related industries.

The big data platform and products that developed by Tech Valley have been successfully applied in several domestic airlines and airports already. In the further development of cloud computing, big data together with mobile internet, Tech Valley will always be committed to sustainable innovation of big data technology and service, creating excellent brand of big data in the field of civil aviation, and gradually becoming a global leader in the technology and application of big data.

Sien Chen
Chief Executive Officer

Graduated from Xiamen University, Sien Chen owns a Ph. D. in management and now a postdoctor in statistics. He used to be the former chief representative in China of DataEra, a big data corporation in United States, and has a working experience for nearly ten years in civil aviation information system construction, which make him a specialist in mining data needs of civil aviation and transportation. He found Tech Valley in 2013, and was elected to the "Double Hundred Plan" in Xiamen and outstanding builder of non-public economy in Fujian Province.

Wangyan Feng
Chief Product Officer

Ph.D., the former director of Data Science Department in Symantec and the former senior executive of Expedia and HP. Wangyan Feng Owns more than 20 years’ experience of data management and processing in areas of production, marketing, e-business and risk management.

Mu Xia
Chief Technology Officer

Mu Xia is the Information Systems Doctor at the university of Texas. He has served as big data science and technology expert in Orbitz, NetApp, Adobe, United States, and has accumulated rich experience and deep insights in Big Data Solutions.

Zisheng Yang
Chief Operations Officer

Graduated from Tongji University, Zisheng Yang is a senior engineer. He has long been engaged in the electronics and software industry, and have experience in e-commerce and mobile Internet for many years. With Capacity of accurate judgment to market analysis, he specializes in product management and project management, and is good at grasping market opportunities, as well as formulating marketing strategies and implementation plans.

Yazhe Liao
Manager of Product and Service

Yazhe Liao has nearly 10 years’ working experience in financial and civil aviation industries, he focuses on the research and development of projects based on mass data as well as product management. He has rich project experience in data ETL, data modeling, data mining and IT solution, specializes in the collection and management of data, to tap the huge amounts of data collected.

Yanquan Wu
Manager of Research and Development

As one of the core members of the Tech Valley, Yanqyan Wu is skilled at business data analysis in the area of transportation. He is proficient at requirements analysis, design architecture and the mainstream big data framework in this industry, and have 5 years’ project development and management experience in big data storage. He used to in charge of projects such as smart cloud big data platform project in public security, a distributed full-text database system, data services platform project and so on.



Tel: (86)0592-5996211

Fax: (86)0592-5996202

E-mail: [email protected]


Xiamen HQ:8F,No.88 AnLing Second Road ,Huli District, Xiamen

Beijing Center: 2F,No.2 Building,Microsoft ARD,No.5 Danling Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Guangdong Center: F15,No.T15 Building,No.28 Smart New City,Jihua First Road,Chancheng District,Foshan

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